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If you are a parent searching for self-defense for your child, you have likely found 100 martial arts studios and only a handful of “self-defense” programs. For many parents, martial arts is a GREAT option for teaching flexibilty and coordination, or for building confidence and striking skills.

But Krav Maga is not martial arts. Our kids self-defense program will likely look nothing like the martial arts programs of traditional schools…and for some parents, you might find our program offers exactly what you are looking for!


Krav Maga is a self-defense. In class, we take the most effective strikes from martial arts like Tae Kwon Do or Kickboxing and combine them with the most effective grappling techniques from programs like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The “fancy” moves or “complicated” techniques that take students years to master are virtually absent from the program, leaving the “moves” that are simple, effective and easy to utilize under stress (such as the moment your child actually needs to use them during a violent confrontation).


The easiest fight to win is the one you avoid! While each class spends a significant portion of the curriculum on developing fighting skills for last resort situations, each class ends with a “mat chat’ where we discuss important topics like honor, humility, discipline, teamwork, hardwork, self-respect and what it means to be a CHAMPION at life. It is our goal to help them learn crucial life skills that enrich their life, helping them to grow up into people we can all be proud of!


We are parents too! We know how important it is to provide our children with life and character skills.

For our 5-8 year old kids, we offer classes four times per week (See the full schedule here). Classes are 30 minutes in length, designed to maximize learning and minimize distraction. Fitness, self-defense, teamwork, confidence and character building lessons are found in each class and throughout the entire curriculum. To learn more, submit your contact information below and meet with one of our staff members today!


For children 8-13 years old, we offer classes four times per week as well! (See the full schedule here). Our team of instructors, who are lifelong early childhood educators, have put together a world class curriculum, developing life skills encompassing self-defense, confidence, character, teamwork, and decision making unders tress. We encourage an honest and open atmosphere that promotes self-analysis, humility, leadership and personal growth.

To learn more, submit your contact information below and meet with one of our staff members today!

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