What is  Bas Rutten Systems™?

It’s a program designed specifically for learning or improving all aspects of stand-up striking and no-gi grappling.  It will increase your conditioning, movement, striking, situational awareness, and confidence!

· Blue Titan's BRS program is NOT for professional fighters.  Our program is designed for the average athlete interested in learning some basic grappling and stand-up striking to compliment their Krav Maga training, to get in shape, or for the fun of the sport. 

· It is the mission of the Blue Titan BRS Program to provide you with the necessary skill set to learn or improve your punching, kicking, elbows, knees, clinch-work, striking on the ground, and sparring– All in a safe and encouraging, and non-competitive environment.

· The Blue Titan BRS class is not intimidating.  We help build you gradually while learning the various components of sparring gradually and building one technique onto the other creating muscle memory and improved retention in training. 

          & SELF-DEFENSE
BAS RUTTEN has accomplished a lot in the Mixed Martial Arts world. He was the three
time undefeated King of Pancrase, and
the undefeated UFC Heavyweight
champion.  He feels it’s the right time
to share his knowledge of martial arts
and his way of teaching.

Bas Rutten Systems™ is the same system
that he uses to teach beginning students at
his school, to teach the professional fighters
of the International Fight League team the
Anacondas and elite law enforcement and
military units. Now, it's available to everyone lucky enough to have an Official school in your area.

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