The Next Level.......
Blue Titan started with a weekly "Special Forces" or SOF WOD on Sunday's at noon in 2013.  Sunday's quickly became a "special" day of extra hard work and everyone got hooked! 

The program has advanced further as of May 2013 and now follows individually picked days from Mark Divine's SEALFIT programming! These workouts may seem crazy to the uninformed or the ignorant; but, rest assured, they are intelligently designed with the purpose of training the athlete to become a warrior.  One who is physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually stronger.  You cannot eat an entire elephant in one sitting, so instead, we tackle these challenges one bite at a time. 

Please visit and subscribe to Mark Devine's blog, articles & video postings. I highly recommend purchasing his book as well.  Learn to develop the "Kokoro" spirit.  Learn to work together as a team and for your teammates and not just for yourself.  Be a part of something bigger than yourself! 
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"Level 2" or "Competition Classes"
Many of those training at Blue Titan have caught the bug.  You can recognize this bug by those who wear a weighted vest in class for that "little extra" challenge (I'm pretty sure those guys sleep with that vest too).  Or, after a WOD, you join a few fellow CrossFitters for a light "5K".  This bug is highly contagious and often leads to socks with capes, expensive shoes that offer no cushioning and shirts labeled "Tough Spartan Combine" or some variation thereof.  For those of you who have mastered the basics and have taken it to the next level, join our Level 2 classes to prepare for a race, a competition or your next photo shoot!  These classes have additional work capacity components or complimentary strength/endurance components and as there is no skill building portion of the class, prior approval is required.  Please click here for additional requirements.  Currently, classes run on Tuesday's and Thursday's at 7pm.