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Teachers and Students
The Israeli military utilizes Krav Maga techniques because their soldiers, who are both men and women of all different sizes and abilities, are able to develop a high level of proficiency in a short period of time.  Utilizing his experiences as both a police and SWAT veteran, Eric helps to prepare teachers, physically and mentally, for the possibility of one day facing a gunman in their classroom with no way out. 

These techniques are not magic.  Teachers will not suddenly rival Chuck Norris after one class.  This program is designed to open the eyes of administrators and teachers, to show them that it is possible to make a stand when no other option presents itself; and, if fighting is the only option, the most effective way to prepare and respond.

One-time seminars and recurring training is available. 
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Blue Titan also offers anti-bully and self-defense classes for high school Juniors and Seniors on location!   Courses are "built to order" - designed specifically around the techniques or problems you feel your specific group of young adults requires. Take the time to show them a self-defense that is practical, easy to learn and effective, regardless of their size or natural abilities.

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Director and studio owner Eric Basek has created a unique program that does not exist anywhere else today.  Eric spent 8 years as a police officer primarily in Washington DC. He was the top graduate of an intensive 5 week SWAT school in 2009 and served on the team full-time before returning to NJ.  He is also a firearms, active shooter and defensive tactics instructor.  Together, with his experience as an expert in Krav maga, he has created a hybrid program that addresses school emergencies from all angles.  Roll players, realistic scenario training, stress innoculation drills and threat assessments are just parts of this program.  Open the eyes of your teachers today and take a step in the right direction to protecting your school and the children within.

Reviews from  NJ teachers in Fall 2013...

"This workshop was phenomenal. It should be offered on a regular basis!"

"This was the MOST useful workshop I've taken. I learned so much and I think it should be mandator for our faculty...."

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