Blue Titan Krav Maga & Combat Fitness, Rockaway NJ
Krav Maga
The Israeli Self-Defense. Bear Hugs. Chokes. Car jacking scenarios. Rape Prevention. Anti-Bully. School Shooters.
"Get In Shape, Go Home Safe"
Deadlift, clean, squat, press & olympic lifts.Pull ups, dips, rope climbs, push ups & sit-ups. Bike, run, row. Mix them up, be creative, have fun. Routine is the enemy!
"Forging Elite Fitness"
km-X self-defense & CrossFit Kids included in one program at one affordable price. Help your kids grow up fit, healthy & safe!
"Fitness AND Self-Defense"
Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual. Leadership through example. Respect, encouragement, and sometimes, tough love. An unconquerable spirit and a burning desire to better oneself.
"Amat Victoria Curam"
School Safety & Fitness
Bringing the Israeli Self-Defense & CrossFit to your public & private educators to inspire confidence & respect from the students and prepare the staff against the worst case scenario.
"Amat Victoria Curam"
Women Only
Rape, Kidnap & Bully Prevention. Women only fitness. Confidence. Awareness. An awakening of sorts.Taught by women, for women. 
"So that one may walk in peace"
Law Enforcement Only!
Scenario based, hands on and practical.  Taught for cops BY cops.  No other school comes close. 
"At Blue Titan, the 'Thin Blue Line' is a little thicker"
Private Events
Private lessons, parties & seminars.  Girl schouts, boy scouts, birthday parties, anti-bully, women only, law enforcement & military academy instruction and more...